Samsung learn a system of Mixed Reality HMD Odyssey+

سامسونج تعلن نظارة الواقع المختلط HMD Odyssey+

Samsung Electronics unveiled a system of Mixed Reality new HMD Odyssey+ which comes with extras and numerous in comparison with the previous generation, and offer an experience to enjoy with virtual reality and enhanced better, according to the company.

And the new higher resolution speaking of the screen, the platform also supports Microsoft Windows Reality Windows MR, which means that the usage experience would be better than the previous generation being reality devices rely mainly on the screen and used.

Come the glasses supported by the report of Anti-SDE which is based on the show the little lines of lighting that separates the pixels when you use some of the screens which makes the image clearer, and to help prevent some cases of dizziness and nausea while using it and dive into the depths of the Valley.

Enjoying the HMD Odyssey+ screen 3.5-type AMOLED clearly 1,440×1,600 per lens each eye, also offer the experience of vision at an angle of 110 degrees. Also supports system AKG Acoustics headphones company. Provides Samsung through the system by the possibility of the abolition of the pattern is indeed to see the periphery of the user. .

And system Car Bluetooth to help communicate easier with computers for listening to games and other experiences of virtual reality and enhanced.

It will be available for purchase immediately at the Microsoft Store or the website of Samsung in the United States in the beginning, then it will be made available in other countries later.

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