Samsung looking to create a smart TV strictly 8K the support 5G

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4

In past decades, was the main objective behind the establishment of TVs is to watch movies, serials and television programs. While it remains as it is, only that the features of the TVS functions and improved these days so that it became possible to use it to display content from the web, use apps, and the internet, etc. This is why it is not surprising to hear now that it is the development of smart TV the new 5G by Samsung.

Samsung announced the company calls South Korea’s SK Telecom about a partnership where both companies with the development of smart TV new the Strictly 8K supports 5G. According to the telecommunications company mentioned earlier, has stated by saying : ” the two companies agreed also on the development of 8K 5G TV jointly provide a new user experience by working together in areas such as eSpace, which is a platform of SK Telecom to be the real world in cyberspace, and 5G Sero TV, a TV compatible with the 5G networks can rotate it horizontally and vertically to provide a user experience similar to smart phone users TV “.

Added Chief Technology Officer of the company, Mr. Park Jin-hyo, ” the 8K 5G TV is available to speed 5G technology, the TV super clarity. Will the 5G technology in making the world of multimedia fun real “. It should be noted that the idea of using 5G technology in more than just connect our smartphones to the internet is not new.

Treated companies like Verizon and Disney in the past to find out how to use the 5G technology in the aspects related to Entertainment. Some companies are looking also at replacing the WiFi network to networks fifth generation 5G because it provides better coverage.

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