Samsung making fun of iPhone 11

Published company Samsung a new Ad supports users of the iPhone of Apple to switch to its latest handsets of the leading Galaxy Note 10 (Galaxy Note 10) admiring the advantage (bokeh effects) within the video.

The announcement comes a new giant South Korean, following the announcement of Apple about its latest handsets (the iPhone 11); and (iPhone 11 Pro); and(iPhone 11 Pro Max), this week.

And try the executives at Apple to make the new phones look like women and the eleventh of the iPhone original which was announced Steve Jobs, with a major focus on photography and cameras in phones.

Mocked Samsung phones iPhone 11 through the declaration of the new, which illustrates that the camera of the iPhone 11 is able to satisfy the desires of the users to a great extent, saying: If Galaxy Note 10 is the best in this area.

And the declaration of Samsung – Duration 15 seconds – the title of “focus on what matters with (Live Focus Video) within the (Galaxy Note 10)”, which urges users to focus on what matters by highlighting the feature in the camera does not possess phones iPhone New.

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And shows through the declaration of a man and a woman stand together, protect iPhone Galaxy Note 10, respectively, the wells are linked to the video, unlike the iPhone, the Galaxy Note 10 is able to blur the background video in real time to get the effect (bokeh effects).

Although the iPhone Modern has mode (Portrait Mode) to camouflage the background of people, pets and objects in the photo, the Apple TV does not offer the feature effect (bokeh effects) within the video via camera application platform,

Users can iPhone get blur background video to some extent using the apps camera external actors, such as the (FiLMiC Pro).

The Samsung has released Galaxy Note 10 on 23 August, at a starting price of $ 950, while the starting model (iPhone 11 Pro) price $ 999, with the opening of pre-orders before it’s available in stores on Friday September 20.

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