Samsung manufactures the chips for the two digital currencies

Increased semiconductor sector of Samsung in recent years which exceeded the company recently Intel as the largest maker of chips in the world, but it seems that the South Korean company will not rest on its laurels where it is currently looking for in the market the launch of the chip dedicated to digital currencies. Confirmed Samsung it is working on Manufacturing chips tailored to digital currencies such as bitcoin were, and these chips, known as ASICs or integrated circuit special applications, which are processors specially designed for the task arithmetic one, rather than multiple processors to the purposes for which we use in computers and phones. With the accelerated rise that I knew the value of digital currencies in recent months as bitcoin, it increased the demand for these types of chips which provide a lot of time and energy compared to the methods currently approved for storage. According to reports from Korean media, Samsung will, in collaboration with the Taiwanese company TSMC to supply chips for a number of companies that manufacture devices and the mining of digital currencies including company Bitmain which is based out of China, and the company TSMC that the applications on these chips, added about $ 350 million to $ 400 million of revenues quarterly.

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