Samsung may abandon the Galaxy S11

Recently died down a hotly anticipated conference in which the South Korean company Samsung has finally unveiled its all new flagship devices, including Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ and even very intriguing foldable smartphone Fold. However, in the mobile technology industry is not made to sit idly by and Samsung now think about the fact, what will its next smartphone. It is quite possible that we expect very radical changes in terms of the name of the device, because a hypothetical future flagship may lose the prefix S11. Moreover, Samsung ponders over the fact that to completely abandon the Galaxy series.

This was stated by managing Director of business unit, Global Marketing Group, part of the Samsung Wong Jeong. According to Ms. Jung, the reasons for the name change have a logical basis.

“We have already thought over how to name the next smartphone in the Galaxy lineup. And we are extremely embarrassed by the fact that we can really call it S11. It’s not the most convenient name. The biggest problem is that the word “Galaxy”, “S” and “Eleven” is too long. It is not very helpful for brand promotion and marketing campaign.”

Moreover, all this makes sense because recently officially presented and received in the sale of S10 was conceived, according to managing Director, as a commemorative model, the quintessence of all good ideas and the culmination of the development of the line since the release of the first Galaxy S. If Samsung was worried that the brand will grow and confuse consumers with double-digit numbers that can be perceived not as a new large device, and as a small minor update.

Thus, the company now Samsung is hard at doing not only the fact that designing the architecture of a future device (which personally we have no doubt), but also hard at work on a new style and brand, which could become something of a uniform title, which will be associated all devices of the company. And Samsung not sure this role is right for Galaxy.

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