Samsung may allow users to make video chats using en Emoji future


Samsung issued its own version of the feature Animoji with two phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 earlier this year. This feature displays the name of EN Emoji which is slightly different from the feature Animoji of buy Apple because they are creating a digital copy of the full user which can be used after that to add more fun to the conversations. The company seems to have thought about the possibility of allowing users to participate in video chats using photo en Emoji of their own.

Awarded to Samsung recently patented a new technology that will enable users to conduct video chats with each other using three-dimensional models to their presence, which means basically using the en Emoji. It should be noted that Samsung has described this technique in the patent since the year 2013.

You usually need to data transfer rate faster than for Visual conversations because they tend to be high latency because it should be the sequence of images and compressed before being transferred to the other device. ” There is a need for a communication system visual is able to display-like the actual user, facial expressions, and movement in real time, with reduced data transfer rate “.

Remember the patent also that the method of the present talks, visual also makes it difficult for users to make eye contact with the other party because it does not install the camera on the screen. Could this be one of the features that kept it Samsung for phone Galaxy S10 which will be released in the next year to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of the series phones Galaxy S Series is? Time is the only means of proving it.



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