Samsung may impose a financial penalty on the Apple TV due to not meeting the convention on the OLED screens

Started Apple using OLED screens from Samsung with the launch of the iPhone X in 2017 to be the first phones with this screen, where the operat the company then signed an agreement with Korean giant to request certain amounts in order to get a suitable price.

But the phone market world of shrinkage in the proportion of sales led to a failure to fulfill Apple’s obligations and reduce its application for OLED.

According to a new report from ET News , the Samsung annoyed of not fulfilling the Apple agreement, where the breach of it did not apply as the young man agreed, which in turn may lead to the resort by the Korean company to use the item of penalties and impose a fine on the maker of the iPhone.

In the case of the carried recording media between the parties to find alternatives to complete the application and solve the crisis you may have Apple to capitulate and pay millions of dollars to meet such items of the convention.

In considering the Apple TV from its side other alternatives through the compensation of its failure to request the required amount of OLED displays for iPhone, application OLED screens for MacBook Pro and iPad, as reported by the report.

However, this option is still a proposal from the company was not approved by Samsung due to the different products and targeted groups, after studying the implications of this step also.

It is worth mentioning that the sales of iPhone Xs XS Max was below average during the first quarter of the year Apple TV past, and the fact that these two devices use OLED screens has had an enormous effect in this problem.

Which has emerged with the advent of the results of Apple’s initial after the holiday season and the holidays, which is always the best of times the best-selling and to profit.

As noted in the report for the Wall Street Journal claims Apple to manufacture iPhone X again, to make sales of the iPhone modern as well as complete their applications of OLED screens without falling into the trap of fines clauses of the breach in the agreement.

Generally speaking of the global market for phones has seen a marked decline since late last year all over the world.

Where was the Chinese market on top of the list being the largest consumer market for phones globally, the impact of this directly on all manufacturers phones mainly Apple and Samsung.

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