Samsung may launch “covers the gradual color” their new smart phones

You may have noticed that Samsung is trying to since the beginning of the current year to improve its competitiveness in the category of phones low specifications, with a screen long, and some of the advantages of the software studied, which helped it regain a share of the lost of the market in countries like India.

In the category of phones available specifications, and other South Korean company’s strategy for the better, and that’s what we saw with the issuance of 2018 from the Galaxy A7, which; other than the usual came with no supplied by Samsung phones leading, which is rear cameras, three.

Apart from the hardware itself, it seems that Samsung is planning to launch extensions and attractive as well. As reported by a report from the site GalaxyClub that the company will soon be on the “covers gradual color” Gradation Covers the identity of its new Galaxy A7, and Galaxy J4 Plus, and Galaxy J6 Plus.

Provides the name of the “sheeting-out” it will give impact color gradually smartphone. The report says these covers are made of silicone which may be partially transparent with color inserts “change” the color of the smartphone depending on the angle you look at it.

This concept is similar to options colors gradual for Huawei P20 Pro, but other than Huawei, Samsung do this through cover for the devices mentioned above.

Referred to that Samsung has adopted the concept of the color gradual in the phone Galaxy A9 Star , which was launched in China, it is rumored that the phone commits from Samsung will be four color options gradually, besides being the first phone of the company with the calculation of the fingerprint under the screen.

This, it is not yet known when Samsung plans to release these covers in the market, but expects to do so during the event scheduled on 11 October in Malaysia, where it is rumored that the company will unveil the Galaxy A9 the new with four cameras background.

Do you hope that launches Samsung’s “covers gradual” for all their telephone numbers? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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