Samsung might also technology block, but in a different field

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Was block ” Blockchain ” is without a doubt the buzzword in the year 2017, in spite of all the negative surrounding because of fraud related to the digital currency, the basic technology has great potential in a wide range of areas. Since companies like Huawei probably work on the development of smart phones capable of running apps block, the company Samsung has not taken this step yet, but it may decide to rely on technology to block in something completely different.

Samsung the largest smart phone manufacturer in the world as it is the largest manufacturer of the chip the look and Semiconductors in general. As you might imagine, I have a South Korean company network supplies a vast global complex. According to a new report released recently from the site Bloomberg that Samsung might adopt the technology block to manage the supply network. Include a South Korean company that this technology may allow it to charge phones and tortillas partners faster.

Transfer author of the report by the head of the Department of technology block at Samsung, Mr. Song Kwang-woo said that this technique could also help Samsung to reduce shipping costs by up to 20%, this means that this technology will provide the South Korean company billions of dollars.

In simple words, the storage method and the participation of financial transactions to assess the block can reduce time spent on paperwork and arrangements for scheduling with the port authorities. And that report doesn’t say is to what extent you think Samsung is trying to use technology to block in the network of supply and when will start to work this new system to reap the expected benefits.


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