Samsung might surprise everyone and Android 10 phone Galaxy S8

Perhaps the millions of users they would like to get a Android 10 phones Galaxy 8 your however, this is unlikely given that Samsung supports its phones to decide Android Great only and also applies to the category of flagship phones, the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8’ve got a patch for it already, so since it has been released in 2017 and is now works with Android 9! However, something strange has happened, namely, that the position of the Geekbench specialized in the evaluation of the phones mentioned in page own tests on the phone it was on Android 10!

This comes while the amended version and Android 10 is not yet enough, which poses a high probability of getting phone Galaxy S8 on Android 10, but until now I didn’t come Samsung never mentioned this.

Personally, I don’t expect to get the phone on Android 10, because this may imply that Samsung will begin in the phones support up to three versions of Android, which will carry a huge company, even if singled Galaxy S8 only this exception that will prove the ire of users phones Samsung other and on top of users no.

Source: SamMobile

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