Samsung most phones in the world

Data indicate the site of AnTuTu that 2.64% of the database results, the source of its replicas, and it is up to the copy part of the phone design or feature, but the Device Emulator full web on it device original.

Samsung is the most popular brand among transvestites phones, The ratio of 36.23% of the phones provided with the galaxy, and 8% of those phones are marked with Galaxy S7 edge, and the Galaxy S7 and Samsung phones dump that closes on itself to occupy advanced positions on the list, according to the site GSMArena.

While I got Apple on the ratio of 7.72% of the phones provided, and on top of her phone iPhone 7 Plus, as the annexed list of companies Shawty up Huawei and oneplus.

Samsung is planning to put the camera selfie bottom of the phone screen

Those phones have provided low-quality, and 60% processor quad core to save the manufacturing cost, while protecting 30% of processor eight core. It also decreases the efficiency of the screens as well, most of those phones not related to the screen resolution of 720 or 1080 pixels.

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