Samsung officially announced launch Galaxy S9 next February

With the end of 2017 came out a lot of rumors and expectations about the Launch Date of the Samsung Galaxy S 9 Samsung Galaxy S9, as well as the expectations of the specifications of the phone, some reports have suggested that the disclosure of the new Samsung phone will be in the month of February.

And contrary to the expectations fact, indeed it will be the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in the month of February next, where the Chief Executive DJ Koh to the official announcement of the phone will be within the activities of the Conference of the technology business over the next month, is expected to be announced put your purchase in the month of March.

Recall that the Samsung phones of the year 2017 Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 Plus has been advertised in a similar exhibition in March 2017, and phones for purchase in April of the same year.

The most important specifications of the Galaxy S9

Expected to consult him on the phone a lot with phones, 2017 Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 Plus, especially in terms of design, the photos leaked for Samsung Galaxy S9 was very much similar to the phones above, according to the specifications that have been released, the phone also comes with one background of the Corning Gorilla Glass version V, the framework of the phone is also metal.

Will come as phone screen 5.8 which is the same size as the S9, with the support of full protection against water to a depth of up to 1.5 meter and 30 minutes, and there will come a Screen-Type Super AMOLED display, as will the phone the same processor previous phones would be the Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, the operating system will be different from the previous year will come directly with Android oreo 8.0 instead of the Android system direct 7.1 and wait until the upgrade to Android oreo.

According to the leaked pictures will be the difference clear for the background of the phone, the camera phone Galaxy S8 in the middle of the flash sensor fingerprint, while coming to the Samsung Galaxy S9 in a longitudinal way the camera in the middle and bottom of the sensor fingerprint, along with a LED flash.

The rear camera of the phone will come to the same accuracy of the previous version don’t it would come back 12-megapixel, but is expected to support the properties or the additional features, and will come with the same internal memory space will be 64 GB, the same RAM space also will be a space of 4 GB, this is the same for external memory card, the state with the two phones in terms of its area, duration and overlap, it will send the phone to an external memory card size of up to 256 GB, and the entrance to the card common with a second direction.

As the phone will also have a lithium ion battery but is not specified the battery capacity yet, and the battery fast charging technology and wireless charging also, with the possibility to use the Samsung DeX.

After this quick demo to highlight the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and highlight the similarities between it and the Samsung Galaxy S8 which revealed the extent of similarities between the two phones, the question remains, are still similarities between the two phones? Or will the new specifications increase the difference between them?

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