Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Note 9

Today since a few hours after a long waiting for the announced Samsung about the new generation of telephone by the new rich from the definition, Galaxy Note 9, The phone has achieved many successes since the first release of those series that was at the end of 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

Has made the first release of nearly 1 million phones in less than two months, which I think was a resounding success at the time, today we’re talking about the second version which carries the number 9, which did not come with a lot of surprises because of the leaks a lot, which was surrounded by telephone before the date of its official presentation.

For delivery it will start around the World Day 24 of the current month, regarding the new possibilities that are protected by the phone, it has the best gear that you can get these days in any phone pioneer, it is larger screen size to the possibilities of the pen “spen” new card size compact 4000 Milli amp, in addition to owning to deliver DEX boarding without the need for any external parts except the wiring to use the phone as a personal computer.

سامسونج تعلن رسميا عن جالاكسي نوت 9

About the price, which is the most important part to a large number of users will come the phone part storage memory random version at least has a RAM of 6 GB and budget 128 GB at a price of 1000 U.S. dollars, and the top has 8 GB RAM in addition to 512 GB of storage space around 1250 US dollars.

Keep the Samsung on the place of the footprint of the bottom of the camera that comes horizontally in addition to water-resistant and feature fast charging and tried the Samsung on the outlet speaker 3.5 millimeters, which has become one of the nurses that are looking for many users after the adoption after the company removed from its phones and the reliance on connecting external speakers using the “USB” from the quality of C.

The phone has also the possibility to add memory storage outside of the quality of the “micros” up to 512 GB and you’ve got nearly 1 terabyte in your phone profile in the case of having a class top of the phone with 8 GB RAM.

سامسونج تعلن رسميا عن جالاكسي نوت 9

For the company it is the size of 6.4-inch “Super AMOLED” possible Samsung’s “Quad HD+” framed metal outside like that was in the Note 5 old.

Will the phone processor from a company kalkum exhibit No. 845 the user is already in the phone Galaxy the s 9, and 9+ from the same company but according to Samsung the note new contains a cooling system with water again keeps the phone’s performance at its highest level so that the work moves hard code of the game “Fort Knight” exclusively in addition to providing a special version of the phone contains discounts on purchases within the game in addition to the version featured Ear Headphones company AKG.

Keep the Samsung on the camera sensor Aperture lens variable Aperture of f/1.5 and f/2.4 and accurately 12 mega pixel camera, given to it contains Bluetooth technology for the first time in order to give new uses to it now it can be used in capturing images after In addition to the play and stop music in addition to using its traditional, but in order to use Bluetooth technology has provided Samsung pen internal battery charge of the phone itself when returned to its normal place but the traditional uses don’t need any batteries.

We are waiting for official access to the phone for users to follow up initial impressions on the ground.

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