Samsung officially announced the processor S10 accurately 7 nm

After the success of Apple in providing the A12 as the first processor for smart phones strictly 7 nm in the world, using Samsung to enter the competition in hopes to be the leader in the field manufacturing processors to this hi-res.

Having stressed the head of the semiconductor division of Samsung that processors with a resolution of 7 nm represents a challenge for the company, and also about the capacity of the Korean manufacturer to be a leader in this area, where it will be processed only for the second generation of processors thanks to the special technology bearing the name of the lithography UV rays, helping to put the transistors small and very close to each other without a problem ticket.

Samsung unveils superior 7nm chip production method, mum's the word on the S10's Exynos

Samsung has announced today in the publication of a lengthy intention to start production with EUV resists mentioned above, which will serve to facilitate the production and reduce the prices of these processors that will be smaller by 40% of the processors 10 nm in Note 9 and iPhone X, with the increase of the efficiency by 20%, and reduce energy consumption by 50%.

This is due to the extent of the power of current processors, it seems that the engineering they may have begun flocking to reduce processors consumption of energy while reducing the space occupied inside the phones, you’ll be Qualcomm’s first to benefit from the new technology in the making of parts of the modem its next which will be the supportive networks of the fifth generation, while you will see Samsung taking advantage of this technology to create processors optimized for Galaxy S10 template.

Source: Samsung

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