Samsung officially begin testing the updated Android 9 Pie phone Galaxy A7 2018

Galaxy A50

Not over update Android 9 Pie the identity of its leading smart that was released in the years 2017 and 2018, now is the time for Samsung to make sure that millions of smart phones available on the same update. Can file you phone Galaxy A7 2018 from India now participate in the pilot program of Samsung to get a chance to test this update with the company.

I have already been the launch of the updated Android 9 Pie demo with the interface, One UI for a note the phone Galaxy A7 2018 who decided to participate in the program so they can experience some new features early, and try to explore the system to see if there are any errors or issues to report to the police in order to fixed in the beta versions coming from the same update.

If you want to check if the pilot program is available in your region, open the application Samsung Members and go to notifications. If there is anything to update Android 9 Pie demo, and click it, and then register and try to download it from option System Update ” Software Update “.


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