Samsung officially confirmed that it has begun work already on the technology of 6G

Samsung Company IoT

Still 5G under the spread has not been released yet but in some countries around the world, there is also provided in the smart phones that support this modern technology. However, this did not prevent Samsung from sweating more in the future by working on the technology of 6G.

Yesterday, Tuesday, confirmed the company Samsung has officially announced that it has expanded its team the current responsible for research and communications to become a center after the initial launch 5G. This expanded team will be part of the research center of the telecommunications advanced ” Advanced Communications Research Center ” which was recently created as part of Samsung Research, which work as an institution responsible for research and development.

But regardless of the research 6G, the Samsung Research also responsible for the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. Don’t hold your breath, it will take many years until the launch of the technology the sixth generation 6G. In fact, it may take a few years to become a 5G technology prevalent.


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