Samsung officially confirmed the arrival style, the younger of the Galaxy S10 in the name of the Galaxy S10e


We got the leaks huge in the last few days about the series phones Galaxy S10 Series coming from Samsung, but there were still some things unconfirmed about this new formation of the South Korean company. One of which is the official name for the model smaller, but we can now cross that one off the list. According to the official website of Samsung in France, it turns out that the class has a smaller size than the Galaxy S10 will carry the name Galaxy S10e.

The official website of the French to buy the Samsung set up a special page for this phone without giving any other details, even though it was inserted all the models of the three Spade. There is also no information regarding IV Styler is compatible with the 5G, but we assume that it will be released later this year, while it will be the phone rollaway the next part of a different lineup, this explains why it is not included yet on the company’s official website.


Generally, you’re supposed to know everything about the series phones Galaxy S10 Series and the phone rollaway next Wednesday, corresponding to February 20, which is today, where it will Samsung press conference in San Francisco for the official unveiling officially on these phones. So, don’t forget to come back to us then for full details.


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