Samsung officially launches helmet Mixed Reality-new +Samsung HMD Odyssey vs 499$


Samung HMD Odyssey was one of the best helmets Mixed Reality available in the market. Today, I decided Samsung announced an improved version of this helmet simply carry the name of the +Samsung HMD Odyssey. Have been made some minor improvements on this helmet to provide a better user experience. The upgrade screens to help reduce nausea in users.

Will Intel Anti-Screen Door Effect on the shutoff of pixels sometimes in a helmet virtual reality. However, this new helmet still retains the screen of my AMOLED screen size of 3.5 inches and accurately 1440×1600 pixels for each eye, but there is now a larger fund to work to prevent fogging. Returning to the technique Anti-Screen Door Effect, they are working on making the spaces between pixels less noticeable, leading to the increase of the density of the pixels of the 616ppi to 1233ppi in the new helmet.


These improvements should help in preventing vertigo or nausea users have when using this helmet. There is no Inter-Pupillary Distance new over the helmet to allow users to adjust the lenses to match better with their eyes.

Helmet +Samung HMD Odyssey new retain some basic elements that existed in the previous version like audio technology AKG, and six degrees of tracking free. Generally, a helmet +Samung HMD Odyssey new from Samsung are now available for purchase on the official website of the company and the shop the Microsoft Store priced at$499.



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