Samsung officially reveal the Galaxy Note 10 model two : all new details

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Samsung officially reveal the Galaxy Note 10 model two : all new details

Confirmed Samsung all previous leaks about the Galaxy Note 10, both in the regular version or plasma, when officially revealed about the phone in a moodily yesterday in the event the perpetrator of the USA.

Before we get into the new features of the phone, the to you the specifications of each phone them detailed :

Specification Note 10

  • Screen 6.3 inch Dynamic AMOLED
  • Processor Snapdragon 855 or Samsung Exynos processor 9825
  • 8 GB Ramat
  • 256 GB internal storage space
  • Protection against waterproofing IP68
  • Battery 3500 Ms Amber
  • Fast charging 25 watt
  • Stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos
  • 3 rear cameras (12-megapixel girl lens F1.5 and 12-megapixel phone they Girl lens F2.1 and 16-megapixel ultra Wade girl lens F2.2 )
  • Camera front 10 megapixel
  • Fingerprint on the bottom of the screen
  • Improvements in the cooling system for games.
  • Improvements to in phone writing pen
  • There’s no port for headphones or a disaster extra memory

Specification Note 10 plus

All of the above with some differences the most important :

  • Screen 6.8 inch
  • 12 GB Ramat and internal storage space of up to 512 GB
  • Battery 4300 Ms Amber
  • Fast charging up to 45 watts
  • Outlet Karen extra memory
  • Sensei the ToF extra

What’s new in the phones Note 10 new

Aesthetically, the phones Note 10 of the new act as a simple evolution in the design language of Samsung phones as we’ll show in the following lines of his :

Like instead of a rectangular ring which is used by Samsung on the cameras own years ago, containing the phones on the module on the capsule form instead.

Writing pen

Writing pen S-Pen’s new looks is the star of the phone for the current year, has the pen on a motion sensor, which lets you do things like zoom in and zoom out or change to the photo camera personal or control a YouTube video using clicks in different directions.

Through the pen too, you can now also create “en Doodles” that can flow in three dimensions in front of anyone in the scene camera, can now also convert handwriting to text once you click on the text.

Video Editor new

Brought to Samsung highlights the ability to use video effects as different as the shallow depth to put the images in the basis of the movement, in addition to installing a quality camera movement.

At the level of the audio interface, uses Galaxy Note 10 in a moodily by the three microphones can “zoom” in certain areas to match the field of vision of your video, and you can combine all of that thanks to the video editing application built-in New.

Profit with the desktop

Finally there are some other features elegant, where Samsung has worked to facilitate connecting the Galaxy Note 10 device personal computer running Windows, using the application allows you to sync messages, photos and notifications, with the screen of your phone .

You can now also use the user interface desktop DeX from Samsung with one cable comes in the box of the phone, and you can even run it from your laptop and not just hard .

Price phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE

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