Samsung officially reveal the phones Galaxy S10 new, you know, on their prices

Samsung unveiled Samsung officially for phones Galaxy S10 new, in the conference held yesterday evening in San Francisco, California, USA.

Revealed Samsung 4 smart phone model Galaxy, A Galaxy Galaxy S10 Galaxy Galaxy S10+ Galaxy Galaxy S10e, in addition to phone Galaxy Galaxy S10 5G that supports the fifth-generation communications.

Unlock Samsung has already the door pre-booking for new phones starting from the day of the announcement, 20 February 2019, to begin shipping phones to customers on the 8th of March next.

Prices for cell phones Samsung Galaxy new

– The price of the phone Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S10 = approximately 18,350 pounds.

– The price of the phone Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S10+ starts (about 20,600 pounds).

– The price of the phone Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S10e =about 16 thousand Egyptian pounds.

The colors of the Samsung Galaxy phones new

Samsung offers a variety of colors in its new smart phones, you’ll find the Galaxy Galaxy S10+ in the colors of black ceramic and white ceramic, while all the new smart phones in the colors of green drop earrings, white drop earrings, black, blue, and yellow canary.

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