Samsung officially reveals the distance to its home Galaxy Home

Galaxy Home

Ended hours before the conference Unpacked 2018 which Samsung unveiled the 3 Main products are the flagship phone Galaxy Note 9 and the smart Galaxy Watch and her assistant audio home Galaxy Home.

Addressed locations during the past few months many of the reports that talked about intention of Samsung to launch the assistant house smart private it depends on the Bixby, which is what happened today during the conference held today in New York.

 Unpacked Galaxy Home Note 9 Watch

Comes Galaxy Home design odd-shaped probe coated with a layer of cloth can be your 3 rules a long metal shaped feet, Samsung said the development of her assistant this home in collaboration with the company AKG specialized health operations which the granting of his powerful and clear sound emanating from the speakers, in addition to owning 8 microphones to spy on the user’s voice from a distance.

Thanks to the improvements that the Korean company added to her voice Bixby the speaker smartphone Galaxy Home – according to Samsung – will be able to do almost everything with the devices galaxy in addition to control smart home devices.

Doesn’t have Galaxy Home any buttons material except that the top surface of the marker and contains two elements to the side frame glows white when the speaker or the microphones in the operating mode, Plus it doesn’t have any competition and therefore users must rely on wireless communications.

You’re supposed to say Samsung to know more information about this speaker intelligent voice later this year.

Do you think that this device is able to penetrate the market aid the home in the shadow of its reliance on Bixby is? We shared your perspective in the comments.

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