Samsung on its way to announce the date to launch the Galaxy Fold in the markets

Confirmed leaks that Samsung is on its way to announce a final date for the launch of the Galaxy Fold, with expectations that up the phone to markets in conjunction with the announcement of the phone Note10 in the month of August.

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Denied Samsung what came of the leaks about its plans to launch the phone by folding during the month of July next, except that the company’s over already perform the necessary processing for the design of the phone its possible to Galaxy Fold before its launch in the market.

And the leaks indicate that Samsung will begin in the launch of the Galaxy Fold to the markets during the month of August in conjunction with the official announcement of the series Note10.

The recent statements from Kim Seong-cheol, vice president of Samsung Display, where he confirmed that Samsung is over already making the necessary repairs to the screen of the Galaxy Fold in preparation to launch the phone to the market, he also noted that the company is preparing during the coming period to notify the market with the launch of the phone.

Recall that the flaws that appeared in the units preview of the Galaxy Fold push Samsung to change their plans first to launch the Galaxy Fold with series Galaxy S10 on the market, but Korean giant close to the launch of the constructed versions folding users now.


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