Samsung patent for a smartphone featuring a front camera behind the screen

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The transfer of sensor fingerprint to the backend due to the reduction of the screen frame, but it may come back to the front end of the new, but it will be under the screen. You can’t put your camera behavior in the backend, this is the reason why in the provide screens of some smartphones like the Essential PH-1 and iPhone X cut in the top, but you can cameras to the front to join the sensor fingerprint and under the screen too?

In fact, today I have been monitoring patent new Samsung shows us such a machine. In this patent was to put everything under the screen, including the earpiece, proximity sensor, and light sensor. It should be noted that Xiaomi company had already included the headset under the screen in the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix but it wasn’t the idea good enough.

Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix also features a front camera at the bottom, which is not the place credit we also have. This patent shows the traditional setting along the top of the phone, but the camera will be able to see through the screen. That would solve the confusion that occurs during video chats when you look at either the eyes of the person you are talking to or the camera.


Anyway, the problem is that no one has applied this idea until now. The preliminary reading suggests the use of the screen of the transparent OLED display. With high refresh rate, the screen can become transparent, allowing the camera vision during the period when the screen in use.

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