Samsung patented a new screen double folding

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It seems that the design of the Infinity screen Flex Samsung opens the door to launch more designs for phones folding, where the giant Korean patent a new invention for a dual folding.

patent -dual-foldable-display

Can Samsung Pay designs more companies folding to support the next versions of smartphones, where the patent Samsung’s new design foldable screen twice.

Projections indicate that this design is targeting another phone retractable although this design is difficult to implement on the ground, but with the USB port C in the design and location of the camera that appears in a design, no doubt that the design of the other phones collapsible.

Samsung-dual-floable-display- Type-C port

This is a new design with two screens folding and actress of the same size in both sides, with a screen size larger in the middle, where it is expected to include a processor chip and battery to the side of the main organs that support the operation of the device.

It is expected that the design-Infinity Screen-O recently disclosed from Samsung with some cutting-edge specs along with the advantage of folding the device for you to carry it with one hand to be the distinctive design and innovative definitely.

Show the camera key in the design of the device when you open one of the screens of the device, where it is expected to support this design, a larger display is explained in the screen when you open the two screens to share another screen folded.

New Samsung patent-dual foldable- display design

Also expected to support the screen background filming a selfie on the way to the cable car Main, so it might be a greater focus on the annexation of the sensor to the highest specifications in the camera of the main device.

Design features the size of a screen trying tablet when you open the screen in full, except that the measurements provided for this design is not yet clear, but is expected to come to the same specification as the designs disclosed recently, which go to show the dimensions more in the width of the screen.

Samsung-dual foldable- display design

Definitely not up all the patents to the stage of development of the technology giants, however, of screens and devices folding is the language that goes to a lot of companies in recent times which is scheduled to witness its launch by the expansion starting next year.


This theme Samsung patent a new invention for a dual folding appeared on Engadget.

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