Samsung patented design of the smart phone is equipped with, and a phone last a full


Samsung is among the few companies that do not issue smart phones with broken in the middle part of the upper, but this South Korean company is willing apparently to keep up this way talk in the market of smart phones. Has got Samsung recently on the set of patent design including the design of the smartphone featuring a screen with cut in the middle part of the upper.

This piece in the top middle section of the screen features proximity sensor, earpiece, front camera, while stretching the screen to four aspects, which leads to a decrease in the perimeter network. With regard to the backend, the company Samsung to provide multiple designs with Rear Camera Dual modes are different, one of them near the suspiciously of the design of the iPhone X.


When looking at the pictures, it seems that Samsung has got the patents for this design to protect themselves in the courts in the future. Thus, this means that there is no confirmation that Samsung will be using these designs in smart phones, high-end rule.


Patent design other get Samsung include a patent design for a smartphone featuring a screen completely free of the frame, this means that the phone screen embodied in this patent to cover 100% of the interface device, and that’s what makes us wonder about what will happen for the ear and front camera in this case. May be the patent also a new type of protective screen, maybe some kind of protective screen resistance to scratches. This way you will stop Samsung from buying a layers of Gorilla Glass glass from the company Corning, but this is just speculation at the moment.



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