Samsung patents a way to get full screen as a reader of fingerprints


Offer Samsung to get the patent describes a way to achieve full-screen to reader the fingerprint. As all of you probably know, the father the current fingerprint is not greater than the size of the thumb and fixed in place, so they are not as comfortable as what you’re describing to us Samsung in this patent.

Describe the patent reader a fingerprint and specifically to that can be used in smart phones collapsible. This prevents the kind with the sensor of the fingerprint more freedom in determining the place of authentication of the identity of the user on the screen so that it can be used in tablet devices and other devices also. Here’s how to take Samsung fingerprint reader :


Don’t worry about the pieces in the picture, there is the possibility that the company requires Samsung to sell fingerprint readers that other manufacturers instead of adopting the widget in its smart phones for the future. In any case, requires a new reader fingerprint processor is a low power wait that the user touches the screen while resting the main processor of the device.

Will the reader scans your finger three times, each scan takes from 20 to 30 parts of a second. Is adjust the screen brightness between each scan and this is what takes about 200 milliseconds in order to improve flexibility and accuracy. And scroll the screen usually between 200 nits, and 600 nits.

In total, this technology requires about 700 fraction of a second to complete scanning a fingerprint, and this corresponds with the sensor optical fingerprint from the company Synaptics.



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