Samsung phone mystery may be a mini version of the Galaxy S8

During the financial period there was some confusion about what is the Samsung devices bear model numbers SM-G8850 and SM-G8750, and are miniature models of the Galaxy S9.

Still speculation about Samsung phones new download numbers models SM-G8850 and SM-G8750 spin around, as during the last period there was some confusion about what these devices, where expectations refer to it as miniature versions of the phone company’s flagship Galaxy S9, which the company stopped delivering since released the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

More recently, the Commission website matching the specifications of the Chinese TENAA posting pictures and specifications of the phone that carries model number SM-G8850, which stirred speculation about the possibility to have a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 customized for the Chinese market with contained all the essential features found within the Samsung Galaxy S9+ like 6 GB of RAM and Rear Camera Dual.

This data led to the emergence of confusion about the reason for Samsung to like this, but it seems that things have begun to include through the website of the Organization for the Bluetooth, where it was revealed that the model SM-G8750 may be a smaller version of the/Lite of the device last year Galaxy S8 not Galaxy S9 has also been talk previously.

According to the information the device will be exclusive to the Chinese market, and through the relationship “CN China” in the testimony of Bluetooth, that protects the phone name Samsung Galaxy Dream Lite, where dotted over the assumption that the Galaxy S8 Lite or Galaxy S8 mini Chinese will help Samsung regain some its lost market share in the country.

It is known that the device last year Galaxy S8 it was called The code name for the Dream Project when it was under development, while it was called on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ codename Dream2 Project, so allow the Dream Lite represents a confirmation that the phone is a mini version of the Galaxy S8 customized for the Chinese market.


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