Samsung phone rollaway will be released in the month of March next, will be known 1770$


Samsung earlier this month to disclose her smart phone rollaway, but in the event of detecting that the phone company focused on the screen of the Infinity Display and user interface. And now, here we are with a new report citing sources familiar with the plans of the company Samsung says it will display this phone back at Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to be held in the month of February next year in Barcelona, Spain before being detected permanently from the phone in the month of March.

The report says further that it is expected to cost the phone about 1770 USD, which will reduce the number of people who will purchase this phone. However, it is believed the chief executive of the Department of mobile devices at Samsung, Mr. DJ Koh that will be shipped at least a million units of the Samsung foldable.

This phone rollaway depend on the same notion smart phones psoriasis so that they will have a screen size 4.58 inch on the outside and screen size 7.3 inches on the inside. For the company first, it was speculated that she would strictly 1960 x 840 pixel density pixels up to 420 pixels in every inch, while would have the second screen accurately 1536 x 2152 pixel density of the pixels 420 pixels in every inch.

This phone is folding wouldn’t be the first smart phone by Samsung claims 5G. Alternatively, some sources believe that the company will be launching a new version of the phone Galaxy S10 in the month of March which will support 5G note that the models first Galaxy S10 will support a 4G network only.



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