Samsung phones are preferred more phone manufacturers article


There are many of hardware, and performance tests AnTuTu revealed to us that 2.64 percent of the results in its data base specific to the hardware provided. Note that we are not talking here about a single phone emulator to copy the design of another phone, but we talk about many of the hardware provided sold as original equipment.

Samsung is the favorite brand hardware manufacturers the article, we 36.23 percent of the phones the article pretends to be a Galaxy. Phone Galaxy S7 Edge alone represented 8 percent of all devices provided, followed by his younger brother, the Galaxy S7. It is surprising to see Samsung smartphones psoriasis is popular with companies specialized in the manufacture of the hardware provided.

Phones the Apple iPhone accounted for 7.72 percent of the total handsets offered, and a phone Apple the most tradition is the iPhone 7 Plus so that it is ranked fifth by 2.67 percent. Other companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo, OnePlus and Huawei are also influenced by the other. The category ” other phones ” so huge, it represents more than 40%.

As reported platform AnTuTu, this smartphone provided to be of very low quality. Nearly 60% of which comprises processors quad core to cut costs, and only 30% of them are the ones that come with processors of eight cores. The manufacturers of these phones the lender does not care about the quality of the screens too, most of those phones are scheduled to be fitted with HD or Full HD at Best.


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