Samsung phones leading get Google Lens via Gmail assistant

Was introduced Google Lens for the first time at the Google I/O 2017, but it took putting the water on devices a long time.

In May of 2017 during its annual conference for developers Google I/O, Google revealed unveiled its new service called Google Lens, which operates as part of the intelligent assistant Google Assistant where the service of development reached by Google in the areas of artificial intelligence and computer vision to allow the user to identify objects and get more information about it through photography with a camera phone.

During the events of Mobile World Congress MWC 2018, Google announced that it will launch the Google Lens for more Android devices, so that the service would be available within the application to Google Photos available soon to all users of the English language on both Android and iOS, which you can scan your photos in order to get the parameters and objects, so regardless of the product that you use.

In addition, it has announced that Google Lens available through assistant Google Google Assistant will start access to the leading hardware compatible to scan in real time, but without identification of these flagship phones.

It seems that the material has come with the first batch of phones premium devices Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus on the water, which can be accessed through the assistant runs Google’s smart and light on the icon of the Google Lens in the lower-left corner to open the camera.

You can simply click the items in the camera lens to achieve, with the display of Google for some suggestions such as “Translate this” or “remember this”, and when the identification number of one of the elements they work on show information, links, or text related you can copy it.

You can check manually to see if the water had arrived by running assistant Google smartphone within the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8, so that the icon appears water Google Lens in the lower-left corner, and in case you didn’t get it you can subscribe to the demo version of the Google App within the Play Store.

It should be noted that Google Lens improve images that are less user through the removal of elements undesirable from the image without distorting, and I got in earlier on some of the features such as the ability to identify and choose the text and the ability to create Contacts and events through images with a single click.


Source: phones Samsung leading get Google Lens via Gmail assistant

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