Samsung phones of the future might use batteries graphene

Samsung Galaxy Note8

Is the use of lithium ion batteries in most electronic devices available in the market today, including smart phones. But although it is readily available, the lithium ion is not necessarily the best solution, over the years, many companies and researchers are trying to devise new alternatives for this technology.

Now according to reports received from China, it seems that Samsung is close to a large extent from the use of graphene batteries in smart phones, so that we can expect to see Samsung phones with batteries graphene in the year 2019. Has been exploring the concept of batteries using graphene material in the past where it was Samsung itself you also make a many of research for the development of this technology.

The company claims that the use of graphene will help to speed up the time it takes to charge devices, while you may use lithium-ion battery one hour, will not take graphene battery only 12 minutes. Moreover, it is reported that it is able to withstand higher temperatures, which means they may be less prone to heat excess, can also be used in other industries such as electric cars.

Improve battery life on smart phones over the years, as companies have developed many techniques to Fast shipping. But mostly can’t for many smart phones these days can work for more than a few days before you need to recharge, so there’s obviously a lot of work to be done. Samsung has confirmed so far the content of this report, so it is best to deal with the least amount of protection at the moment.


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