Samsung phones support 3 new features to help the visually system

Announced Samsung about the new features help the visually-system users of its phones to identify the environment around them through the camera phone photos, so come the new features in Accessibility settings, and will be available from the assistant Baker my phones Galaxy A Modern.

Allow the first feature “detector color”, helps the impaired systems to identify the colors of things around it, and use it to be like in the sea between your clothes for pieces that bear a certain color or in the interaction between fruits and food products.

هواتف سامسونج تدعم 3 ميزات جديدة لمساعدة ضعاف النظر 1

And the second called “fast reader”, helps the user in reading written or printed text in the real world, by artificial intelligence able to define texts written hundreds of the things, of the texts on food products and paper notes.

هواتف سامسونج تدعم 3 ميزات جديدة لمساعدة ضعاف النظر 2

And the second is called “describing the scene” use of artificial intelligence able to describe the pictures and the neighborhood that is filmed by phone or downloaded from an external source, it can help the impaired systems to avoid obstacles while navigating to different places.

هواتف سامسونج تدعم 3 ميزات جديدة لمساعدة ضعاف النظر 3

Finally, Samsung’s continue on with the audience with special needs to develop tools to assist in the interface, One UI, coupled with the current features.

Confirmed Samsung that the phones you will also get accessibility features launched by Google recently, including the negotiation of the script (Live Transcribe) speech to text in real time and the subwoofer.

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