Samsung plans to announce a wireless charging pad could 25 watts and two with

I think Samsung has in recent years announced a wireless charging Pad with its smart phones the leading from the series Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, which is what will happen with the Galaxy Note9, which will be announced after less than 20 days.

The platform for wireless charging that will come with the Galaxy Note9 has received the approval of the Federal Communications Commission. the U.S. FCC in last month, and then it will support wireless charging technology rapid.

It has also been rumoured previously that the platform wireless charging will come can 25 watts which is a number too big for smartphones, and now leaked images reveal the Product name and confirm that I will be 25 watts.

According to the leaked image of the Fund house, you will come to the house on behalf of the Wireless Charge Duo, and the images attached to the Fund they will be able to charge two phones or a phone and smart watch with at the same time.

It also confirms the picture that the smart watch that Samsung announced alongside the Galaxy Note9 coming under the name of Galaxy Watch, which will be the horizontal part of the organization, which supports all the products compatible with the Qi standard, and custom power.

No information currently about the price of the shipping platform wireless Charge Duo, but the position of the Mobile Fun included black-and-white rate is 53.49 USD.

What do you think of the design capacity of the platform wireless charging associated with the of the Samsung? Let me know in the comments.

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