Samsung plans to launch the phone by folding early next year

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سامسونج تخطط لإطلاق هاتفها القابل للطي أوائل العام المقبل

Think company Samsung Electronics launched its smartphone folding in early next year, according to a new report published by the Wall Street Journal, which requires the largest manufacturer of phones in the world to put a premium device that can help in promoting the demand for its phones in the long term, according to people familiar with the matter, the phone that carries the internal code name “Weiner” Winner, includes screen $ diagonal of approximately 7 inches, almost any size screen computer tablet small.

The report adds the possibility of folding the screen when the middle, looks the same portfolio of conventional, so that the features of the phone when folded a portion shaped outdoor bar small width in the front, cameras in the back, which has always been the device folding one of the most activities exciting rumors that experienced by the industry, said many of the companies manufacturing the phones, it’s the development versions.

Was other manufacturers such as ZTE smartphones folded, but those devices use two monitors connected to the two tires Axon M, unlike the traditional phone, the device when you open it will be the whole screen almost, giving consumers a large screen similar to the screen of a PC Tablet, with the possibility of carrying a phone that can be placed in the hand or pocket or purse of the consumer.

Helps design new Samsung, which uses a folding screen, to activate the phone industry which faced difficulties in finding features of impressive to inspire consumers, where the decreased sales of smart phones increased by 0.3 percent through 2017, which is the first annual decline in the history of the industry, according to market research firm IDC, IDC, which says that it is expected that the declining sales again this year by 0.2 percent.

The report indicates that the phone rollaway may create an entirely new category of products and the machine becomes second flagship from Samsung, alongside the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, will have an initial small-scale, targeted certain markets such as the fan of mobile games, and if successful, it will pave the way for his expulsion commercially for the first time in the second half of 2019.

This comes in the wake of the experience of Samsung new models in the past, most notably smart phones with screens curved, which launched for the first time in limited quantities in 2014 pre-comprehensive in the market, it would not be expected to be selling the device in large quantities on the spot, but Samsung want to be the first company to produce a phone with foldable screen, which may represents the most important leap in the smart phone several years ago.

According to the information it is still possible to change the timing and the final design, noting that the project received great interest in recent months, where he focused senior executive in Samsung on this project and made him of the most important priorities of the company.

The shape of the low demand for flagship phones this year, especially the newest flagship Galaxy S9, and an additional factor of motivation for Samsung, andthe timing of the South Korean company earlier this month reported an operating profit lower than expected in the third quarter, due largely due to a decline in sales of Galaxy S9.

The company worked on the phone rollaway years ago, the project was formerly bore the code name Valley, the company has adopted that this device exists within the outside of their products, but without never the date of issuance or a fixed design, the company has precedence over the rest of the companies depending on own technology primary screen OLED, which make it possible to provide folding screens, where the development of this technique within the display Division at Samsung.

The new phone numerous challenges, which requires large capacity battery to run the large display and the small additional, which raises concerns within the company about the prospect of the possibility of overheating, as the device requires more powerful components, including chip processing stronger, which may lead to increased cost.

May exceed the price of the phone $ 1500 easily, with reference to the inability of many of the modern smartphones about convincing people to pay over a thousand dollars for it, but Samsung is betting that a new phone may be enough to convince some users rebel support.

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