Samsung plans to release a laptop of the future with flexible display

Most recently, on October 17, the company Lenovo has announced its readiness to release a new tablet with a folding display with a diagonal of 13 inches. To implement the plan it has partnered with LG, which supplies different options of displays, many manufacturers of mobile electronics. One of the largest suppliers of displays is also Samsung. She doesn’t want to lag behind its main rival, and, according to Digital Trends, intends to release a similar device — a laptop with a flexible screen.

It is noteworthy that the company is also working on a smartphone with a folding display. His presentation is here-here will take place — according to the latest data, the event is on 7th November at the conference Samsung Developer Conference.

According to the Vice-President of Samsung marketing Lee Min-CHULA (Lee Min-cheol), the company works not only on the creation of a foldable smartphone, but also on “soft” laptop. According to him, the laptop display will not only develop, but also to provide a new user experience.

In particular, it refers to the possibility to reduce the design in size and take laptop with you anywhere. It is also assumed that in the unfolded display will allow you to fully enjoy movies and easy to work with applications.

That flexible displays are better to use on laptops and tablets and not in smartphones, said the representatives of LG Display. According to them, smartphones are too often taken in hand, and frequent opening and closing of the flexible display is able to quickly break smartphones. On the contrary, notebooks and laptops are used much less frequently.

In addition to the “flexible” devices, the company intends to produce at least one gaming machine. It is expected that it will be equipped with Snapdragon chipset 845 and memory capacity of 8 GB.

How do you imagine the notebook with a flexible display? What would you do with it? Your thoughts can Express in the comments whether our Telegram chat.

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