Samsung plans to unveil a new device ” for fun ” in the day of October 11


Didn’t bring us Samsung any phones or tablets or hours new to the IFA exhibition in 2018 so that announced those devices all before it. However, there are Happened new Galaxy is scheduled to be held on the day of October 11, there are promises from the company to announce a new device, stated the company said : ” the Galaxy new Samsung more ways to express yourself than ever before “.

So what is it? It’s hard to know what this device is. We’ll be more excited to see the phone rollaway leaders of police later this year. However, it seems that this event will be held online only we in the to reveal the Samsung device changes the rules of play with the media hype simple.

There’s also the possibility that the company Samsung in this event detects Galaxy J6 Plus and Galaxy J4 Plus known also with the names Gaalxy J6 Prime and Galaxy J4 Prime. It can allude to movement X to the Samsung Galaxy Xcover a new note it’s been more than a year since the release of the phone Galaxy Xcover 4. I canceled the phone Galaxy S9 Active, so maybe this won’t be the last is the star of the event.

You support ” your“, so don’t have to be a phone, it may be a tablet new. For example, there’s a possibility that your device is detected the tablet Galaxy View 2 Mega.

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