Samsung posted videos making fun of Apple and iPhone X

Nice to see the manufacturers of smart phones compete among themselves to provide the best benefits in its phones, and in this market we find that Samsung and Apple, both of which occupy first and second place, relate to neighbors, always news headlines, sometimes in a funny through broadcast videos harness one of the phones other.

And now came the turn of Samsung, which posted the video, under the title “innovative” Ingenius, making it from iPhone X, which is the best Apple currently, and at the end of each video the seal of the company video with the words “UE to the Galaxy”.

Focused South Korean company in the first place on the Quick charge feature provided by the Galaxy S9 and there’s no phone iPhone X, then in the second to phone iPhone X needs a lot of adapters to use the earpiece and for charging while using the headset.

In the second place, the boasted Samsung that phones offer a better camera than those in the iPhone X, also focused on the speed of the phones.

What of the two companies, Samsung and apple, the better? Let me know what you think in the comments.

The post Samsung post videos making fun of Apple and iPhone X was first deployed in the are.

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