Samsung postpones launch of Galaxy Fold of the new

After hints recent Samsung plans to announce the launch date of the phone by folding Galaxy Fold during the month of July, typically the Korean giant today confirmed the postponement of the launch of the phone without setting another date.

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The announcement came the new officially from Samsung today confirming that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will not be asked to the markets during the month of July, after that came the hints of the previous to confirm plans for Samsung to announce the launch date of the phone in the month of July.

The case is no different between the Giants of manufacturing the phone in plans to release flip phones to the market, as confirmed Huawei has also recently postponed the launch of the phone Mate X to the markets until September, so I won’t get flip phones for markets by the last quarter of 2019 in the end.

Recall that the Samsung like even now to identify a date for the launch of the Galaxy Fold, but folding in the screen needs to be several tests on the efficiency of design, power and performance prior to the launch of the phone to users, to avoid Samsung the emergence of new problems that lead to returned units, particularly with the level associated with the pricing of the phone that up to $ 2000 almost.


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