Samsung postpones officially launched the sales of her phone rollaway

سامسونج تؤجل رسمياً إطلاق مبيعات هاتفها القابل للطيSamsung postpones officially launched the sales of her phone, rollaway

We wrote to you in the sideburns should last week that Samsung on the eve of a new disaster with her phone, folding after the discovery of the fundamental flaws in their new phone rollaway, and disclosed some of the reviewers who sent them a company models of the phone .

It is no longer a secret now, it has issued the company a formal statement via its website , confirmed it has postponed the launch sales of the Galaxy Fuld (after the indicated units reviewers inactivated how the device needs to further improvements ) to the extent the company description.

The company said in a statement that the effects on regions of the upper and lower joints seem to create problems based on primary data, while materials that have entered the device “also affected the performance.”

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

Samsung has been optimistic about technology Galaxy Fuld, describing it as the beginning of “an entirely new category of mobile phone” confirmed that it would cooperate with everyone to push this new industry forward.

In the end, it’s hard to describe this as anything other than a serious imbalance in the company Samsung, which is already as we stopped on the cusp of a scandal is a disaster, because it’s supposed to represent the technique of folding the peak of the mobile phone technology of Samsung, but it suffers from glitches even before it reaches the hands of ordinary customers.

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