Samsung prepares us for the era of the cutouts in the display. How to enable the “chin” on the Galaxy S9?

The cutout in the upper part of the display — the modern trend in the design of the smartphone. The so-called chin from past Champions got a Google Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus 6T, Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The same applies to the latest generation new iPhone, which finally parted with the mechanical button at the bottom of the housing. Soon these models will join the device Samsung. This confirms the activation function “notch” on the new smartphones.

Samsung will indeed implement such a design decision. As reported by insiders, even the basic version of the Galaxy S10 will get a cut in the top of the display. While it will not be built-in screen fingerprint scanner — this feature will be exclusive to the more expensive “a dozen”.

Confirm the intentions of Samsung engineers found in the beta version of the Android Pie, according to Sammobile. S9 Galaxy owners can already try out different types of cutouts in the screen. This is a classic neckline in the Central part of the upper face, double “chin” on the top and bottom, and the notch in the corner. Option simulation “notchy” moved from Android Pie.

To activate the cutout, you need to activate developer options in settings. To do that go to information on the smartphone, select the data about the software and click on the “build number” seven times. After that, the notification will confirm the mode.

Now, go to developer settings and enable the simulation of the cut. The selection menu looks like this.

Recall, Galaxy S10 will not be the only Samsung smartphone with a cutout in the screen. Such will also be the Galaxy A8s, which renders the day before appeared on the network.

Among the other new features of the Android Pie for Samsung flagships applies dark mode and the ability to block action icons on the desktop.

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