Samsung provides a bunch of three devices at a discounted price on the occasion of the feast of the Galaxy X

Samsung has announced that it will launch a bouquet of several devices at a discounted price in celebration of the tenth devices Galaxy! This package will be the highlights of the modern devices which come under the brand “Galaxy” A brand months are the nemesis for Samsung mobile.

The new package will have all of the Galaxy Note 10 plus, hours Galaxy Watch Activ 2 new as well as headset galaxy must that comes along with the annexation of this package protection cover luxury phone as well as a number of bracelets for which you can change between them!

Until now I didn’t reveal the Samsung about the price as well as didn’t clarify whether this package will be available in all parts of the world or not, but on the other hand, the police and through this unique package designed to spread الـEcosystem own better on as it does Apple.

Do you intend to acquisition this plan in the event came at the price of special? And do you have one of these devices already? We participated in the comments..

Source: SamMobile

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