Samsung pull the latest update for Galaxy S10 because of the problems of stability


Last week, Samsung released an update for the new Galaxy series S10 brings with it many improvements and fixes to the camera, as well as security fixes for the month of May. After you download and install the update, many users noted errors in third-party applications such as Twitter that are making the phones non-responsive. Shape Galaxy S10 others about the slowdown and the response of the sensor fingerprint. After the negative comments, decided Samsung to pull this update now and re-launch it later when all problems are solved.

Was the previous update which has been withdrawn brings with it several improvements to put the Night Mode by reducing the noise and speed of closure the long and the option to use the camera’s effort to corner. Was a major addition is the ability to export using a telephoto lens in Mode Live Focus. Those who have yet to update the Galaxy S10 their own, the best solution for them is to wait for the release of the next update in the near future.


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