Samsung put the finishing touches on her phone, rollaway begin developing a interface using own unique

Is expected that Samsung introduced the phone by folding during a Developers Conference of its own to be held on 7 and 8 November next, as alluded Korean company for the appearance of this phone during the conference via a tweet posted by the official account of Samsung Mobile on Twitter.

While Samsung will introduce a smart phone retractable during the developer conference SDC 2018 after two weeks they are still not able to detect officially launch the final version of the phone, and talk to some of the reports that a group of engineers from Samsung will present during the conference to submit photos of conceptual and detailed about the device, highlighting its main advantages.

According to a report published by the site Bloomberg , Samsung is still discussing the design of initial reports put the finishing touches on the phone, one of them will be longer horizontally when it is opened the other will be longer vertically. But the designers prefer to design the form of the image of the Portrait Type Design to be more usable with one hand.

Phone associated with us possesses a sensor fingerprint under the screen as it would in other phone Galaxy S10 being young and flexible still not coming to support these techniques.

The external screen of the phone will be with an area of 4 inches so that users can access notifications easily, according to the website SamMobile , the detailed screen assembly tests Suite 200 a thousand folds, a minimum of control power.

A prototype of the phone rollaway Caesar about 200 grams which is what may push the Korean company to equip the phone with a battery smaller to reduce the weight of the device.

In addition, the Samsung working with Google to develop a special version of the Android system commensurate with the requirements of the design of the phone folding.

While Samsung may reveal this phone officially with the beginning of next year it is expected to be available in the markets until the third quarter of 2019.

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