Samsung ready memory LPDDR5 for your smartphones

Now the fastest memory for smartphones is LPDDR4X. She already comes across even in a fairly affordable smartphones.

Today Samsung unveiled a DRAM of the next generation — LPDDR5. The Korean giant announced that it has completed the development of memory modules LPDDR5 DRAM density 8 Gbps, which corresponds to a volume of 1 GB. New memories will be made according to the process 10-nanometer class (this is not the same as 10-nanometer process technology).

The new memory has a data transfer rate of up to 6400 Mbit/s, which is one and a half times more than that of the chip of the present generation. It should be noted that to achieve this speed chip to operate at a voltage of 1.1 V and at a voltage of 1.05 V, the speed will be limited to 5500 Mbps.

In addition, the power consumption of the new memory reduced by 30%, she also has a new mode of “deep sleep”. In this mode, a new memory will consume twice as less power than chips LPDDR4X in standby mode.

Unfortunately, it is unclear when to expect a new smartphone memory. Samsung only said that mass production of memory LPDDR5, DDR5 and GDDR6 will start in accordance with the requirements of the clients.

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