Samsung ready to launch her phone foldable “Galaxy Fuld” of the new

سامسونج جاهزة لإطلاق هاتفها القابل للطي "جالكسي فولد" من جديد

Know phone Samsung folding Galaxy Fuld a major setback ahead of the official launch in markets in April, following face many problems in the screen during the reviews.

To the police to postpone the date of the official launch of the no order to stand on the merits of the problem and to solve it, without disclosing a specific date for the expulsion in the market again.

In the last official statements from Samsung on this matter said the executive vice president for the young Kim Sung Chu they’re ready to ask the Galaxy Fuld in the market, but without select a particular date to do this also.

The Samsung had earlier this month talking about the intention of re-offering during the coming weeks, to permit Chu today as a confirmation of a new launch without adding details.

In the same context we talked earlier about the report لـYonhap News pointed out the reforms expected to be conducted by Samsung on the Galaxy Fuld.

Which included installing a layer of protection for the screen flexible toot more Mode with alerts and clear for users not to be removed being an integral part of the phone, as well as a number of reforms to the joint and to reduce the gap resulting from the operations of folding.

The beginning of the problem in the phones Galaxy Fuld to copy phone which has been distributed to tech sites for review, where it appeared the fractures in the screen by the gaps in the detailed folding led to the failure of the whole in the operation of the device with continued use.

Where I grew up most of those problems are due to the removal of the protective layer on the surface of the screen, which is supposed to not be removed, but the lack of clear guidance that led to the mission to remove them during the review to show the cons of the phone before the official in the markets.

To say that the faults that appear and in the interest of the consumers who were requesting the phone already a few days ago from women’s access to them, and wishes them to cancel and not buying a phone at a price of more than two thousand dollars.

On the other hand, the Huawei is the other to postpone the launch date of the phone by folding about the X that was supposed to be thrown through June, but the circumstances of the police was to postpone the deadline until September next.

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