Samsung recognized the defeat of the Chinese manufacturers

Samsung is unable to compete with Huawei, Xiaomi and other vendors from China in the smartphone market from mid and budget price segments. This is acknowledged even by the General Director of the mobile division of the company Jong-Jin Ko during his speech to the heads of departments of Samsung Mobile. Obviously, things Koreans are so sluggish that the top Manager did not even disdain the word “crisis” when describing the current economic state of his estate.

According to Ko, he is very sorry that things are Samsung Mobile are worse than competitors who were more flexible in pricing. Most of all it affected the demand for budget and mainstream smartphones, which remain one of the most significant items of income Samsung. Thanks to the sales of such devices until recently, the Koreans managed to maintain its status as an industry leader, bypassing in terms of unit sales, even Apple and Huawei.

When cheaper Samsung smartphones

Spoiler: never.

Sorry, To stressed, to change business strategy that focuses on selling really cheap devices, with a wave of his hands. This will require a lot of time, which Samsung just yet. So the only thing they can count on the Koreans, waiting for economic recovery — Galaxy S10 and foldable Galaxy note, whose sales will begin in the next year.

A serious jump in sales of Samsung smartphones will be the Galaxy S10 base, report of the top Manager. In any case, it will be cheaper models of the current generation, but will remain a full-fledged flagship, except for a few minor compromises. For example, the base “ten” will be equipped with flat display, only two cameras (while older models will receive three or even four), but, nevertheless, should become a much more attractive solution than the iPhone XR.

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