Samsung reduce the production of LCD screens for screens, QD-OLED new

Although the Samsung level in attempts to abandon the manufacture of liquid crystal displays LCD, except that the company, on the other hand take strong steps to add after the commercial for the new OLED-type QD– Quantum Dot, as executive director for the screen in the Samsung is Lee Dong-Hoon told the newspaper The Korea Herald that the company is preparing to launch screen of the QD-OLED New soon.

Mr. Lee did not clarify the date of the announcement of the young -or الـPanels – new as he didn’t mention any details about the company’s investments in this sector, however, Samsung generally has been reducing the manufacturing capacity plan and production screens Gen 8.5 LCD amounting to 90 thousand units this in addition to the company’s plans to provide production of 30 thousand additional units in the next month.

We should also note that the company was producing 250 thousand panel type LCD a month in Korea, which means that the company has reduced the production of LCD screens including approaching to 40% and this-as you can expect – because the company has intentions to replace these screens with QD-OLED new.

Screens QD-OLED, those screens are a hybrid where they will be used all of the OLED technology is generally accepted and also technology Quantum Dots new, which will convert blue light to red or green. Also of the main reasons to estimate the density of production of LCD screens is that Samsung may be not compete well in this market in the presence of competitors China, this is the first, the second, the company will be able to achieve more success in the market of OLED displays is a market in which Samsung is perfect.

Source: The Investor

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