Samsung reducing production lines of LCD screens, and focus to the screens, QD-OLED


Has been Samsung one of the leading manufacturers companies for a very long time, and will present their products is a series of screens Quantum Dot OLED a well-known acronym in the name of QD-OLED. Used Samsung already the technology of Quantum Dot TV’s own, while OLED screens are an essential element in mobile devices own for more than a decade. Designed Samsung to merge the best of two screens in one screen.

Confirmed a new report released today from the news agency, the Korea Herald that Samsung already started to reduce production lines of LCD screens in its facilities in South Korea mainly due to a decrease in profitability and demand. Will this step also allocate more resources for the QD-OLED new. He assured the president and CEO of Samsung Display, Mr. Lee Dong-hoon that the company will be ready to launch the screen of the QD-OLED of the first, but it did not provide any details on when or what is the first device to get this new technology.

Monitors are Quantum Dot combination substantially between the LCD screens traditional screens OLED. Don’t use LED rear lights, but use LED lights blue individual which can convert light to red and green, which consumes less energy in the process. Will be used to screen the QD-OLED pixels of the OLED, the blue and the Quantum Dot to obtain the efficiency and accuracy of the colors better.

According to analysts specialists in the sector, it appears that Samsung is planning to invest more than US $ 8.3 billion in the production of screens, QD-OLED, it will be the first product a smart TV advanced.

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