Samsung refused cool technology in a folding smartphone to reduce its price

Folding flagship Galaxy F, the announcement of which was held November 7 in San Francisco, will be far from the most technologically advanced smartphone of Samsung Electronics. About it reports South Korean publication ETNews, citing sources close to the manufacturer. At least, ascertain the sources, the device will support networks of the fifth generation, despite Samsung plans to start the supply thereof in the first half of 2019.

The reluctance of Samsung to equip Galaxy F support 5G dictated by the unwillingness of the majority of Telecom operators to launch this technology. According ETNews, only a few operators (almost all of them are from the USA) will launch the fifth generation networks in 2019, while the remaining will make it not earlier than the 2020-2021 year. In this regard, decided to Samsung, it make sense to equip folding the flagship of the most advanced modem virtually none.

Why Galaxy F will not get 5G

Read this news might get the wrong impression that Samsung is disingenuous and simply not ready to begin production of smartphones with 5G, but it’s not. Most likely, the Koreans refused to equip the Galaxy note modem-enabled networks of the fifth generation because of its cost. This component is guaranteed to only increase the cost and expensive apparatus, risking to push sky-high retail price even the most ardent geeks.

The first Samsung smartphone with 5G

However, according to ETNews, Samsung is not abandoning plans to start production of 5G smartphones next year. The first such device will be the Galaxy S10, the release of which is expected to close by February 2019. The smartphone will be released in three versions, one of which will differ more affordable price, but less advanced technical content, including flat display, double, not triple camera, and a fingerprint scanner built into the back panel.

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