Samsung registered a patent for a distinctive screen draggable to put the tablet

Spotted a patented new phone from the Korean giant recorded in the KIPO, where the phone comes to the design featured a retractable and extend from one side of the phone put tablet.

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Use attempts of the Korean giant in the development of phones with a folding or obtained from phone mode to tablet device, as revealed previous leaks about the phone featured a scalable and can be extended via the framework in the sides of the screen, and a new Samsung recorded patent invented the phone featured a retractable from one side of the phone.

And file the patent to 2018, where Samsung recorded in the KIPO design of the phone supports the extension of the screen by 50%, as the phone features a size of 6 inches while the support screen extension to tablet mode with a display size of 9 inch.

Shows the design of the phone in the schemes of the patent screen is blocked in the framework of the phone, with the deflection in the frame supports dragging the screen, also do not show any curvature in the screen or a separate part when you extend the screen to tablet mode, except that the details of this design in the screen is not clear until now.

From another side comes the Home screen of the phone punctured the double camera front, a different design of what Samsung made in the Galaxy Fold.

Recall that Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy Fold folding close to the markets after the Korean giant re-design, while the Huawei phone rollaway Mate X in the markets also in the coming period, so can the plans of the Giants of the manufacture of telephone competition in the market of flip phones in the second half of 2019.


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    InterestMachine™ was created year 2012 by architect, designer and acoustician Juhani Risku, ex-Nokia UXD director

    InterestMachine™ is a holistic concept including BlinkUI™ as the interface, and screens from glasses, phone, tablet and laptop, large workstation screen to cinema screens and city screens

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